Quick-Disconnect Unions (Q)

Quick-disconnect unions are used as a fast, non-binding disconnection point in piping assemblies. Available in slip fit only.

  • Schedule 80 PVC construction
  • Slip fit only
  • 1-inch, 1¼-inch, 1½-inch, and 2-inch NPS sizes available


Product Codes

  • Q1000S — quick-disconnect union, 1-inch (25-mm), slip fit
  • Q1250S — quick-disconnect union, 1¼-inch (32-mm), slip fit
  • Q1500S — quick-disconnect union, 1½-inch (40-mm), slip fit
  • Q2000S — quick-disconnect union, 2-inch (50-mm), slip fit

* For the full range of available product options, contact your local Orenco Distributor or Orenco.

Technical Data Sheet

Quick-Disconnect Unions