Wastewater Pumping Products

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Biotube Pump Packages

Biotube Pump Vaults & Flow Inducers

Control Panels

Discharge Assemblies & Accessories

Distributing Valve Assemblies

Miscellaneous Products

Pumps, High Head

Pumps, Low Head

Screened Pump Vaults & Effluent Screens

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The products shown in this “Wastewater Pumping Products” catalog are in service all over the world. They transport and filter wastewater, protecting drainfields from solids carryover, as well as downstream treatment systems.

Orenco pioneered and packaged the modern filtering pump vault more than 20 years ago. Orenco’s pumping systems are superior in quality and outlast other brands. Our patented Biotube filter removes two-thirds of suspended solids, on average. And our vaults are easy to service, without pulling the pump.

So take a look at the products listed on the left. Also, check out our other Product Catalogs:

For information about the full range of our standard and custom products, as well as pricing, contact your local distributor. Or call Orenco in the U.S. at 800-348-9843 (+1-541-459-4449), 8 am-5 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

“We’ve had more than 500 Orenco ProSTEP™ Effluent Pumping Systems in operation since 1987. They’re simple, dependable, and easy to maintain.” — Operator, Diamond Lake Water & Sewer District, WA