MVP 4-in-1 Control Panel


Product Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


MVP 4-in-1 panels (MVP-S1/2DM) are ideal for systems that might otherwise require several different types of panels.  The controls circuit runs on 120V power, the pump circuit can operate on 120V or 240V power.  In addition, the panel can be configured at the shop or in the field for timed-dosing or demand-dosing applications.  A control panel kit (MVP-21/2DM-MF3A-KIT), which includes three "A" floats and collars, is also available.

Features and Unique Specifications

To specify this panel for your installation, require the following:

  • Pump circuit is dual voltage rated for 120V or 240 V
  • Programmable for timed- or demand-dosing applications
  • Digital timed-dose function accurate within 1%
  • Multiple timer settings for optimum dosing during normal AND peak flow conditions
  • Built-in programming keys for field-adjustable timer settings without a portable computer
  • Built-in elapsed time meter and counters
  • Ability to use EEPROM card to change panel functions
  • High- and low-level alarm conditions differentiated by steady or blinking LED light
  • Silenced alarms automatically reactivated after 12 hours if condition is not corrected
  • Timed delays on float inputs to prevent chattering
  • Ability to use one model of float for all functions
  • Visual indicators of float positions
  • UL508 listing in US and Canada

See the product sheet and technical data sheet for more info!