Standard Controls:

Alarms & Monitors

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Alarms - AMAHW and AMLAHW

AMAHW and MLAHW Alarms are used to monitor contact closures, such as a float switch, and feature a red light and audible alarm. AMAHW Alarms have an automatic reset to silence; AMLAHW Alarms require a manual reset. Both are suitable for use as a stand-alone unit or as a remote alarm. Raintight enclosure allows both outdoor and indoor installation. UL listed. Input switch not included.


AMSENTI (Sentinel I) Alarms are low voltage (9V) with an AC transformer that plugs into a 115V wall socket. AMSENTII (Sentinel II) Alarms are low voltage and powered by a 9V battery (included). Red light and audible alarm (with test/silence/auto operation). AMSENTI and AMSENTII have a thermoplastic enclosure for indoor installation only; AMSENTII-W can be installed outdoors. Suitable for use with any dry-contact signal. UL-listed power supply. Input switch not included.

Alarms - AMSGBA

AMSGBA Alarms are used in single-gang boxes, as a remote alarm. For indoor use only. Input switch not included.

Monitors - AMDDC Digital Cycle Counters

The Digital Cycle Counter is an event monitor that records the number of times the input contact switches. Suitable for use with any dry-contact signal. Outdoor-rated; raintight enclosure with viewing window. Battery-powered (long-life lithium battery included). Input sensor not included.


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