Custom Controls

Challenging specifications?  Our solid relationships with top-quality component suppliers means we can provide all the custom features you need at an affordable price.

Functions and Features

Orenco's manufacturing facilities can produce UL-listed telemetry and custom control panels ranging from variations of our standard models to highly customized designs to meet your specifications. 

In addition, custom variations of standard panels include the addition of higher horsepower pumps, three-phase power, seal failure and over-temperature sensors, over- and under-current sensors, remote alarm indicators, extra alarm lights or alarm circuits, phone dialers, and heaters. We also install customer-supplied parts.

For International markets, 50 Hz panels and CE marking are available and our control panels have been installed all over the world.

Compare our superior, UL508-approved design processes, quality components, and efficient production techniques to your current sources, and see the difference.

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