TCOM Telemetry Controls

Flexible Design and Convenient Operation

Orenco TeleCommTM (TCOM) panels are cost-effective, integrated telemetry panels that include digital control, data logging, and remote access and control in real time. They are ideal for stand-alone monitoring and control systems or can be integrated into SCADA systems.

TCOM Features:

  • Automatic call-out to pagers during alarm conditions or when panel detects trends that could lead to system failure. 
  • Ability to maintain logs for system conditions and events, such as Pump Run Time, Pump Cycles, and Alarm Conditions.  Logs are downloadable to common spreadsheet or word processor programs.
  • TCOM Viewer, a graphical software interface between Windows PCs and TCOM, provides operators remote access and intuitive control.  Log data can also be graphed.  HyperTerminalTM or a similar VT100 terminal emulator (commonly bundled with most computer operating systems) also accommodates communication with TCOM panels.
  • Multi-level password security to ensure that only qualified personnel can remotely access site.
  • Many, many more!

One developer of an Oregon resort destination took advantage of TCOM's flexibility and installed multiple panels to serve its casino, hotels, RV park, and other businesses. 


Canyonville Case Study

TCOM Tech Data Sheet

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