From a simple alarm to large panels controlling a whole factory, we'll build the panel you want.

Orenco Controls supplies electrical control panels for use in a variety of manufacturing and process industries. Working with specification and design engineers, Orenco Controls can build custom panels in any size and quantity to meet precise project requirements.  

Just a few of the functions our panels can control:

  • Motors/valves, including soft starters
  • Alarms
  • Building management systems (HVAC, lights, hot water usage, etc.)
  • VFD's (variable frequency drives)

Our panels are tested to ensure installation and maintenance time is kept to a minimum. We offer a start-up service to ensure that your panel is commissioned properly, and while we're there, we provide training on panel operations and maintenance for engineers, owners, electricians, and maintenance staff.  

We also provide thorough documentation that simplifies troubleshooting.

Visit our Industrial Processes applications page for details on the functionality our controls can provide.

If you are an equipment manufacturer shopping for a vendor to supply accessory controls for your company's product, visit our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) page to learn how we can help your bottom line and meet your deadlines.