Industrial Process Equipment

Whether VFD controls, web-accessible alarms, or Building Information Management, our controls can make your industrial processes more efficient.

Motor/Valve Controls

We can provide AC and DC motor control, on/off or variable speed, sequencing, and reversing functions for a variety of equipment, such as conveyor belts, escalators, valves, and other industrial motors.  Programmed control loops can include sensors for motion, light, liquid level, pressure, temperature, velocity, flow, acceleration, proximity, and position. 

Alarm Systems

We build a wide spectrum of alarm systems: from a simple float switch activating a light & buzzer, to systems with 30 sensors, dialers, annunciator panels, and web accessibility.

Intrinsically Safe Controls

For systems that require them, we supply UL 698A intrinsically safe controls. Oil/water separators are a common application.

Energy Management Systems

We can supply energy management systems that dim lights, trend HVAC and hot water usage, and adjust shades, heating, and air conditioning in a building.

Variable Frequency Drives

VFD's reduce electricity consumption by running a pump or other motor at only the speed required. Applications include running a three-phase motor on single-phase power, or controlling constant-pressure pumping systems.

Reduced Voltage Starters

Soft starters increase the life of motors by ramping them up to speed gradually. Another benefit of these starters is that they avoid brownouts when large motors, such as lift stations, turn on.


Optimize your industrial equipment's performance with well-programmed, reliable controls.