Standard Panels:

MVP Logic Control

This "Most Versatile Panel" allows us to preprogram a variety of functions for a big range of applications.

Orenco's MVP Logic Control Panels offer maximum reliability and flexibility in control. Their easy-to-use factory-programmed logic unit incorporates many timing and logic functions, such as multiple timing intervals to adjust for changing conditions and a built-in elapsed time meter and counter. Standard functions include elapsed time meters, counters, digital indication of input switch status, different alarm/light signals for various alarm conditions, and the ability to use one input switch type for all functions. The panels include motor contactors and accept all standard options.

The rugged solid-state logic unit has a screen that guides operator setup and adjustment using a simple keypad. Prompts, alarms, and status indicators are displayed in plain English.

MVP 4-in-1 Control Panel

This MVP multi-tool is our most versatile yet.  One panel can accommodate multiple designs and applications, with capability for on-demand dosing, AND timed dosing, AND 120 volts, AND 240 volts.  You'll always have the right panel for the job.

Simplex Logic Control Panels - MVP-S Series

The MVP-Simplex control panel is ideal for timed and on-demand operation in single-motor systems. Because the programmable logic module performs the functions of several electromechanical components, the MVP-Simplex panel is an especially cost-effective and accurate solution for systems requiring timed operation.

Duplex Logic Control Panels - MVP-DAX Series

MVP duplex alternating control panels are ideal for controlling two-motor systems. These panels include an MVP programmable logic unit that provides equal run-time on each motor. The MVP unit also can turn on both motors when demand is high.

Sand Filter Control Panels - MVP-SSF Series

Orenco's MVP sand filter control panels can be used to control two pumps in a sand filter treatment system, when pumping from point "A" to point "B" (first pump) and then from point "B" to point "C" (second pump). Interlocked controls prevent the first (upstream) pump from running if a high level alarm condition occurs in the downstream pump. In addition to sand filters, the panels can be used in other applications that require interlocked control of pumps or other motors.


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