Original Equipment Manufacturers

We'll be your behind-the-scenes OEM partner, so you can provide your customers the package they want.

Fully equipped UL 508 shop

We Offer What an OEM Needs

OEM's needing panels built cost-effectively to their specs will benefit from the Orenco Controls group's many years of experience with our standard and custom applications. Your panel is value-engineered to our high standards of quality and reliability, and designed specifically to minimize production costs and time. Our large production volume lets us directly partner with leading manufacturers to install the very best components at significant cost savings for our customers.

Outstanding Pricing

Because of the high volume of panels we produce for our parent company, we have direct relationships with components manufacturers, allowing us to negotiate the best prices for you. Plus, we value-engineer every OEM panel to reduce your costs, by simplifying componentry and minimizing assembly time.

Halved Turnaround Times

Consistently, our customers tell us that we deliver panels in half the time of other manufacturers. And if you just need OEM services intermittently -- for example, for a large order that exceeds your own production capacity -- we can step in to help.

Quality Components

Our panels use components from names you trust, like Siemens, GE, SquareD, Cutler-Hammer, Danfoss, ABB, Rockwell Automation, and Vynckier. These companies' designers work with our electrical engineers to integrate the best components for any given application. 

We can also integrate your preferred components or your proprietary controller into the panels we produce for you.

The Facilities and People to Meet Your Needs

Our UL508 shop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for high-volume production, quality control, and custom labeling. We have the certifications and processes to produce an outstanding panel for you, every time.

Our controls experts have hundreds of years of experience among them.  One of our customers said, "I've seen a lot of manufacturing facilities, and I was impressed with Orenco's layout, but it all came down to the people. We have plans that will significantly increase our volume of units, and I have no concerns over Orenco's capability to meet our demand."

Standard OEM Account Services

  • Engineering support
  • Complete panel documentation
  • Training in the ordering process
  • Quote archive
  • Clearly defined terms/warranty


Additional OEM Account Services

  • Custom nameplates or stickers
  • Web interface for quote requests
  • Automatic inventory re-ordering


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