VeriComm Monitoring System

With the VeriComm Monitoring System, an operator can check up on a system without even leaving the office.

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VeriComm® is the world's first affordable, Web-based monitoring system for small-scale wastewater collection and treatment. It provides 24/7 monitoring of all your systems, automatic communication of alarms, an escalating alarm response process, and a secure, password-protected Web site. User-friendly pages show just what is happening at all your systems...what condition is triggering an alarm or alert, what you should do about it, and whom you can call. The robust database behind the Web pages gives you all the operating parameters of your system at the moment of the alarm, alert, or regularly scheduled update. And it provides you with the system's complete "alarm history," for troubleshooting and record-keeping purposes.

The VeriComm Monitoring System...

  • Automatically notifies operators of alarms
  • Self-adjusts based on trend data
  • Allows operators to change settings remotely
  • Detects high/low liquid levels, stuck float switches, pump failures, excessive cycles/run times, clogged, and many other conditions

VeriComm control panels and the VeriComm Monitoring System are integral components of a complete remote monitoring system and cannot be ordered separately.