VCOM Telemetry Control Panels

The perfect solution for remote monitoring.

Affordable System Management

Orenco's VeriComm line of affordable telemetry control panels, coupled with the VeriComm Web-based Monitoring System, has been designed specifically for decentralized wastewater collection and treatment for residential systems. VeriComm gives wastewater system operators and service providers the ability to remotely monitor and control each individual site's performance, saving money on operation and maintenance while remaining virtually invisible to the homeowner.

In addition to including all the features of a standard panel for the same application, VeriComm panels include a number of very "smart" features:

  • Communication and alarm management
  • Three operating modes ("start-up" and "test" modes, as well as a "normal" mode)
  • Data collection and logs
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic logic
  • Advanced control logic to keep system operating normally in the event of float failures

All VCOM panels have elapsed time meters and counters, which are built into the telemetry unit and are viewable via Internet or direct connection with a laptop or Pocket PC® device (Bluetooth® VCOM Kit required). VCOM panels share existing phone lines, and include a DSL filter/surge arrestor for the phone line as a standard feature. They also have the ability to use one float switch type for all functions.

VeriComm® control panels and the VeriComm Monitoring System are integral components of a complete remote monitoring system and cannot be ordered separately from each other.

What People Are Saying About VCOM

Kelly Mattingly, Director of Public Works, Blacksburg, Virginia:

"We're managing the first STEP system of its kind in Virginia - a 200-home development called 'The Village at Tom's Creek' - and it gives me confidence knowing we have the VeriComm system here. We love the fact that, when there's an alarm, VeriComm gives a diagnosis code that tells you 'this is what we think is wrong.' And the remote control is fantastic. No middle-of-the-night service calls. VeriComm is pretty cool!"

Alberta Distributor Bruce Silvester:

"I use VeriComm to monitor about 50 installations in a 300-mile radius around Edmonton. Last winter, while I was vacationing in Mexico, I checked my e-mail, found a high cycles alert for a church, and looked at the actual flows, online. Then I sent the property owner an e-mail saying, 'I'm on holiday, but I think you have some running toilets you need to fix.' I was right-on, from 3,000 miles away, and he was able to take care of it immediately. VeriComm protects the system, protects me, and protects my installer, and gives our customers peace of mind."

Pete Lombardi, Orenco's Regional Sales and Tech Service Rep for the Northwest:

"The Lake Mayfield Village Sewer District in Washington State uses standardized pump packages from Orenco, with VeriComm control panels. VeriComm has already proven great worth in catching start-up problems, leaky plumbing, deficiencies in the original engineering that would have resulted in damage to the individual pump packages, malfunctions of individual antisiphon valves fouled by construction debris, and homeowner tampering. For example, last week, the system caught a four-year-old boy with a screwdriver opening the control panel and pumping the tank down. He has a sore rear, and the panel now has a padlock! The [sewer district] commissioners originally estimated the advantages of VeriComm to be equal to about half a man-year in servicing the STEP-STEG system. But they're getting more than they would have with a couple of extra staff people, and more than they counted on."

Tom Varney of Anchorage Tank & Welding:

"My parents are so proud; their son gets e-mails from septic tanks!"

Standard VeriComm Panels:


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