Controls for Wastewater Systems

Our specialty!  Our decades of experience in the wastewater industry will benefit your application.

AdvanTex Wastewater Treatment
Ponderosa Mobile Home Park
Paradise, California

Lift Stations

Variable-frequency drives and soft starters both find application in lift stations. We offer controls, including UL 698A intrinsically safe devices, for virtually every pump on the market. We also offer controls for non-contact level measurement, a better technology for lift stations than floats or pressure transducers. Our telemetry/SCADA system, TeleComm (TCOM), allows real-time monitoring and control of equipment via a phone line and standard PC terminal software.

Secondary Treatment Systems

Orenco Controls got its start supplying controls for primary and secondary onsite wastewater treatment. Our standard and custom panels can control effluent sewers, drainfields, textile filters, sand filters, peat filters, mounds, trickling filters, aerobic units, wetlands, lagoons, and effluent irrigation systems.

Grinder Systems

We make controls for every grinder pump, and they can be standardized for a whole subdivision. Because of the volume of wastewater controls we do, quick turnaround is our specialty.

Dispersal Systems

We make controls for pressurized drainfields, drip irrigation, surface irrigation, and lagoons.

UV Disinfection

We design controls for UV disinfection, using the ballast of your choice, that monitor the condition of the bulb.


Need a Wastewater Solution?

Orenco's Engineered Systems group specializes in decentralized wastewater systems! Visit their site for more...


Need a Controls Shelter?

Orenco's Composites group manufactures fiberglass shelters that are watertight, strong, lightweight, and super-insulated. Click here.