Controls for Water Systems

You might be surprised how much you can save with the right controls for your water system. 

Booster Stations

Booster stations incorporate pressure sensors and variable speed pumps to ensure consistent pressure and flow in a fresh water system. At Orenco, we build all the booster station controls - including circuit protection, VFD, and logic module - into a climate-controlled enclosure. Markets include municipalities, multi-story commercial, manufacturing, golf courses, and designers of decorative fountains.

Reservoirs and Storage Tanks

Reservoirs and storage tanks use a range of control products, from simple alarms to complex SCADA monitoring systems. Markets include municipalities, manufacturing, land development, and single-family homes.

Community Wells

Community well systems can incorporate a range of control functions, from simple pump controls to sophisticated real-time monitoring and control, regardless of well depth. Markets include municipalities, communities and cooperatives, subdivisions, and single-family homes.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems use a variety of control mechanisms, from simple valve controls to complex multi-zone irrigation coordination and monitoring. We design irrigation controls for both surface spray and drip. Markets include landscaping; golf courses; communities, cooperatives and subdivisions; and single-family homes.

Greenhouse Controls

Greenhouses require a variety of controls: spray/misting and drip irrigation; lights and grow lights; ventilation and thermostatic climate control; and metering and monitoring. We provide a complete solution in one custom-engineered panel. Markets include nurseries, farms, the Forest Service, horticultural research, and residences.

Fire Suppression Systems

Orenco began providing controls for fire suppression in 1988.  Dependable controls are critical when you need to get water from here to there in a hurry.

Rainwater Collection

Orenco offers outstanding equipment for rainwater collection, storage, and pumping.  We also offer touch-safe controls for the dispensing of collected water, whether via float switches or by timed dose.  Whether you are designing a simple household system or something more complex, our engineers can get you the controls you need.

Rainwater Collection brochure


Fire Suppression

"About 1986 we started looking into manufacturing packaged booster pump stations for fire and commercial applications. We tried building our own controller. It took us a week to build each one. I started searching for people who were experts in that area, and we started using Orenco about 1988. We were so satisfied with the equipment that we've maintained the relationship and we are expanding it into other areas. They are so dependable."

— Orenco OEM Customer