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Orenco Systems®, Inc.
814 Airway Avenue
Sutherlin, Oregon 97479

Phone (Pacific Time Zone):
+1 (541) 459-4449

Toll-free in North America:
(800) 348-9843

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“I had three repairs, side by side ... There is a great elevation change and a long distance from pump chamber to drainfield ... I called Pete Lombardi <at Orenco> ... He asked me for some of the particulars, fed them into his computer, started talking with me and we developed a workable, satisfactory solution to all three sites ... I had neglected to tell him these had to be submitted right away ... He worked with me Christmas Eve and Christmas Day until I had all I needed for submittal. That meant more to me than I have words to express it ... It has made a loyal customer out of me.”

-- David Ray, Dave Ray & Associates, Washington