Effluent Sewers

Orenco's Effluent Sewer video explains how effluent sewers work, from on-lot collection to decentralized treatment, without a lot of technical language. In fact, this five-minute video uses no narration at all. It tells the story with colorful animation, charts, news clips, and a few simple text slides. It also explains, for all audiences, the advantages of effluent sewers over gravity sewers.


Award-Winning Systems

Orenco's technologies and installations have been honored by numerous awards over the years. They have also been distinguished for achieving a number of "firsts" or being selected for a variety of high-profile demo projects. This short video, titled "A Decade of Awards & Recognitions," highlights 20 of these, ending in four from 2011:

• U.S. EPA "Environmental Justice Achievement Award" for the project manager of the educational EcoCenter at Heron's Head Park, San Francisco, which includes an indoor AdvanTex Treatment System.

• Federation of Canadian Municipalities "Sustainable Community Award" for Victoria, Prince Edward Island, which installed an Orenco Effluent Sewer System followed by an AdvanTex Treatment System.

• Energy Trust of Oregon's first-ever cash incentive for qualifying energy-efficient wastewater systems (including AdvanTex).

• Water Environment Federation's "2011 Innovative Technology Award" for two-stage, nutrient-reducing AdvanTex® Treatment Systems.


Operation and Maintenance

For O&M videos and documents, visit our Operator Resources page.



AdvanTex® Treatment System

Orenco's "AdvanTex® Treatment Systems" video explains the differences between standard residential septic systems and advanced treatment systems. It describes how Orenco's AdvanTex AX20 textile treatment systems work and how well they treat household wastewater. It also recommends questions that property owners should ask when researching their wastewater treatment options, including questions about performance, noise, smell, and maintenance costs. (Although this video describes residential-sized AdvanTex AX20 Systems, larger, commercial-sized AdvanTex  systems are based on the same principles.)

In addition, a video produced by "Onsite Installer" magazine features Mike Treinen, an onsite wastewater consultant, explaining the design, installation, and operation of an AdvanTex AX20 Wastewater Treatment System at a commercial site with small, residential-type flows in Northern California.


MVP Control Panels

Orenco's "MVP Control Panels" video describes the features of this "smart" yet affordable line of water and wastewater control panels. MVPs include a digital programmable logic unit that makes them ideal for timed dosing in single and multi-pump systems. The video also gives step-by-step setting instructions.