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By providing economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable solutions to communities worldwide, Orenco and our global network of distribution partners are changing the way the world collects, treats, and reuses wastewater.


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Orenco Does Business Internationally

Orenco Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1981, founded by engineers focused on providing intelligent, high-quality, sustainable solutions for wastewater management. The company has grown from its original base in the northwestern United States to become a global company doing business around the world. Our technologies are appropriate for both developed and developing countries, with an emphasis on natural processes, low energy requirements, and simple operation and maintenance needs.

Today, Orenco products are in use in more than 70 countries on six continents. From sand filters serving communities in Guatemala, to an effluent sewer replacing old septic systems in Australia, to a portable treatment system at the foot of a glacier in northern Canada, Orenco has provided the right solutions to a wide variety of situations in all types of climates and terrain.

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Our international team has decades of experience with import/export processes, experience that we put to use for our customers. The well-traveled team members are sensitive to cultural differences, and they apply proven engineering standards and solid business knowledge to all projects and customer interaction to ensure successful projects and strong relationships. In addition to managing the fulfillment of wastewater projects, our international group also provides value-added services such as product approval assistance and third-party equipment procurement.

International Exports Program

When it comes to international business, you can count on Orenco's experience with export operations and that of our expanding global network of distributors, industry experts, consultants and government trade specialists. Our distribution network offers sustainable wastewater solutions throughout the world from about 300 points of distribution in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Africa, Australasia, and Southwest Asia. We directly manage projects in areas where distribution has not yet been established.

Orenco’s logistics managers handle freight bookings, shipment paperwork, insurance needs, special packaging, and all other requirements to safely deliver our equipment to the customer. They are experienced in moving material by ground, air, steam ship, or multi-modal transportation.

Distributors Wanted!

Orenco is always looking for qualified distributors in areas where we do not yet have representation. If you are interested, please complete our questionnaire.  Orenco maintains the highest standards for all of our business associates and distribution network partners.

Geoff Salthouse
Int'l Business Manager
814 Airway Avenue
Sutherlin, OR 97479
+1-541-459-4449 x209

Africa, Asia, Middle East, and all General Inquiries


Bill Hensley
Int'l Territory Manager
+1-541-459-4449 x423

Australasia, Europe


Richard Jex, PE
Int'l Territory Manager
+1-541-459-4449 x485

Central & South America


David Lepre, PE
Sales Engineer
+1-541-459-4449 x481



Dave Norlin
Technical Support
+1-541-459-4449 x208