AdvanTex AX100

An AdvanTex AX100 Treatment System serves this popular beachfront restaurant in Malibu, California.

AdvanTex AX100 Wastewater Treatment Systems
for Communities and Commercial Properties

AdvanTex AX100 can be used in many applications:

  • Multi-family residential properties
  • Resorts, golf courses
  • Residential communities and mobile home parks
  • Parks, highway rest areas
  • Truck stops, restaurants, casinos
  • Schools, office buildings

The AdvanTex wastewater treatment system is a recirculation filter that has been configured like a recirculating sand filter — a packed bed filter technology that Orenco engineers have been working to perfect since 1970. Like recirculating sand filters, AdvanTex is reliable and low-maintenance. It is superior to other packed bed filters in service and longevity.

The AX100 offers many benefits:

  • Reliable and consistent treatment, even under variable flows
  • Compact size and small base for space-constrained sites
  • Few maintenance requirements, low lifecycle costs
  • Production of clear, odorless effluent, ideal for reuse

AdvanTex is also superior in its treatment media. AdvanTex uses a high efficiency, lightweight textile with a large surface area. It can provide treatment equivalent to sand filters, while processing commercial-sized volumes of residential-strength waste in a very small space.

About 2500 of our commercial-sized AX100 units are in use throughout the world.

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