AdvanTex AX-Max

A full-sized AdvanTex AX-Max Treatment System serves a 50-site campground in the LaPine State Park in Oregon.

AdvanTex AX-Max for Flows up to 1 MGD

Orenco’s new AX-Max is a modular, fully-plumbed treatment plant capable of handling flows from 5000 gpd up to 1 mgd, an ideal size for entire communities or commercial/residential development on the urban fringe. The sister version, AX-Mobile, can be used for remote, temporary, or mobile applications.

The AX-Max is built inside an insulated fiberglass tank that is durable, lightweight, and watertight. The AdvanTex AX-Max can be installed above- or below-ground, singly or in multi-tank arrays. In harsh climates, the AX-Max can be purchased with an optional control room, or a multi-tank array can be completely enclosed in a building.

Proven AdvanTex Technology

The AX-Max provides the same outstanding performance as our smaller AdvanTex textile treatment pods. 

AdvanTex Treatment Systems are a proven, reliable, packed bed media filter technology, and have been selected for tens of thousands of installations worldwide.  Assuming domestic strength wastewater, the same outstanding performance provided by our AX100 systems can be expected: cBOD/TSS ~5 mg/L 

For nitrogen sensitive areas requiring greater than 65% nitrogen reduction, alternative configurations can be employed. The unit can also be designed to meet strict nutrient limits or reuse standards. 

Phased Buildout

AdvanTex AX-Max features a modular design, allowing communities and developments to add capacity on demand, and defer the majority of costs until flow — and revenue — are generated.  

AX-Max can be preceded by any collection technology — effluent sewer, gravity sewer, grinder sewer, or vacuum sewer.  

Efficient Maintenance

Operation and maintenance requirements and costs are a fraction of those for conventional activated sludge and membrane technologies. That makes the AX-Max ideal for small municipalities with part-time operational staff.

Remote telemetry control panels are an integral part of all commercial AdvanTex Treatment System equipment packages. System operators can monitor and evaluate the system remotely, and can configure the panel to automatically page the operator in the event of an alarm. Orenco controls can also integrate into existing SCADA systems. 

Energy Savings

Compared to activated sludge and membrane systems, AX-Max’s small energy footprint incurs a fraction of the power costs, saving property owners and utilities thousands of dollars in energy bills, every year. AX-Max uses very little electricity, just <2 kWh per 1000 treated gallons.

Reuse Applications

Advanced nutrient removal, filtration, and disinfection options, along with telemetry controls for alarm notification and process optimization, make AdvanTex AX-Max effluent suited for reuse applications, dust control, and surface discharge. 

Our engineers are ready to discuss your project's needs and how we can meet them with an AX-Max. 



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