Complete Residential, Community, and Commercial Systems


Orenco's high-quality products and proven technologies range from septic tanks to community collection networks to advanced sewage treatment systems.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

AX-Mobile for Mobile Applications

AX-Mobile is a completely integrated wastewater treatment system for remote or temporary sites, such as work camps. Other applications include military installations, emergency sanitation after natural disasters, or temporary flow increases.  More ...



AX-Max for Commercial and Municipal Applications

Similar in construction to the AX-Mobile, AX-Max is a wastewater treatment system for permanent installations. It is ideal for municipal systems, subdivisions, apartment buildings, park facilities, schools, and commercial properties.  More ...



AX100 for Commercial and Municipal Applications

AdvanTex AX100 is a wastewater treatment system ideal for apartment buildings, resorts, golf courses, residential communities or mobile home parks, park facilities, highway rest areas, truck stops, restaurants, casinos, schools, and office buildings.  More ...



AX20-RT for Individual Residences

AX20-RT is a treatment system designed with the quality of AdvanTex in a size that is ideal for individual residences. The tank and textile treatment system are contained in the same unit for easy installation.  More ...





Orenco Effluent Sewers

Orenco offers a cost-effective, environmentally-sensitive wastewater collection system. It is ideal for communities of any size: new subdivisions, multiplex housing, commercial properties, sewer expansions, and ecologically sensitive areas.  More ...

Controls and Telemetry Systems

Orenco Controls

Orenco offers control and telemetry panels for every application: commercial and residential installations, municipal water and wastewater, and factory controls.  More ...



General Onsite Products

Orenco also manufactures general products for onsite applications, such as risers, lids, pump systems, filters, piping, UV disinfection systems, and much more. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 



Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Orenco employees have researched, designed, manufactured, and sold leading products for wastewater treatment systems since 1981. The company has grown into an industry leader, with over 250 employees and with more than 150 distributors and dealers representing most of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India, and South America. Our systems have been installed in more than 60 countries around the world.

Orenco maintains an environmental laboratory and employs dozens of engineers, scientists, and wastewater system operators. Orenco's systems are based on solid principles of sanitary engineering, chemistry, biology, mechanics, and hydraulics. 



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