Interactive Product Catalogs: Onsite Systems

Orenco’s interactive catalogs show the full range of products in three of Orenco’s major product lines:

Click on the link to any of these three catalogs. From there, you’ll be able to select a “family” of products and then read about any product in that family, see photos, and click on links to related documents.

PDF Product Catalogs: Onsite Systems


General Onsite Wastewater Products

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Wastewater Pumping Products

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Controls and Monitoring Products

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More Information: Engineered Products

In addition to the products shown in our three catalogs, Orenco designs and manufactures …

  • AdvanTex Wastewater Treatment Systems 
    AdvanTex Textile Treatment Systems produce reliable, reuse quality effluent, for homes, businesses, communities, and mobile applications. They’re easy to maintain, use hardly any electricity, and last for decades.
  • UV Disinfection Systems 
    Orenco’s UV (Ultraviolet) Disinfection Unit reduces bacteria by 99.999%, is protected by a tough Teflon sleeve, and is easy to remove and clean.
  • Water Reuse Systems
    Orenco makes a variety of products for water/rainwater reuse as well as for greywater treatment that use our patented AdvanTex textile filtration.
  • Effluent Sewer Collection Systems
    Orenco Sewers are an affordable, modular, and watertight sewer system that’s ideal for small-to-mid-sized communities and new development.
  • Standard & Custom Controls
    Orenco designs and builds a wide range of controls from its UL-certified 508A and 698A shop, from simple alarms to sophisticated PLCs, as well as affordable telemetry with SCADA functionality. Markets include wastewater treatment, water systems, environmental monitoring, industrial controls, and OEMs.  
  • NEW! Fiberglass Industrial and Utility Products
    Orenco now manufactures a variety of super-strong fiberglass products for a range of industrial/utility applications, including T-Max tanks, basins, wet wells, and outdoor shelters. For more information, visit