Water Reuse

Systems for water collection, treatment, and reuse.


The EcoVillage at Currumbin, an international award-winning project, uses AdvanTex® Treatment Systems and accessories to produce water for non-potable uses.

Water Reuse

Environmentally conscious property owners are looking for ways to offset the limited supply and rising cost of potable water resources. And they’re looking for ways to save the energy required to treat and transport potable water.

Orenco designs and manufactures a variety of products for water reuse. VISION House® LA, for example, is using our stormwater filtration and pumping equipment. And AdvanTex systems were also selected to recycle greywater at the Boy Scouts of America’s National Jamboree site in West Virginia. We also manufacture systems for rainwater and blackwater.

Orenco’s Water Reuse Equipment

You can install Orenco’s water collection and reuse equipment to supplement or replace potable water for lawn and garden irrigation, car washing, ponds and fountains, toilet flushing, and many other situations where using treated and transported potable water is unnecessary and wasteful.

The reclaimed water can be collected and used immediately, or you can store it for drier times of the year. Your system can be installed underground, for low visual impact, and you can choose lids with grass, bark, or rock patterns to blend with your landscaping.
To meet water reuse needs, Orenco offers outstanding equipment for water collection, storage, and pumping for residential and commercial properties:

• patented, watertight Orenco fiberglass tanks
• energy-efficient, long-lasting pumps
• patented filtration systems
• telemetry-enabled, touch-safe control panels
• access risers with child-safe lids

Orenco’s water collection and re-use equipment helps you lower your demand on natural resources and increase the sustainability of your home or project.


Each 1000 square feet (93 square meters) of a home’s roof can provide about 600 gallons (2270 liters) of water per inch (25mm) of rainfall. To store the maximum amount of collectible rainwater available, Orenco can supply underground storage tanks from 500 to 50,000 gallons (189,000 liters). Once it’s collected and stored, water can be dispensed three ways: 1) Manually, via hand-operated spigot, 2) Automatically, via float switches located inside the tank, and 3) Automatically, via timed doses controlled with our electrical panel.


Greywater is wastewater, and needs to be treated accordingly. If stored untreated, it can "go septic" very quickly. However, proper treatment kills pathogens and prevents odors, allowing treated greywater to be stored and reused for non-potable needs. AdvanTex Treatment Systems offer a reliable, affordable, scalable, and energy-efficient solution for treating both blackwater and greywater.


Treating all your wastewater in a single process is by far the most economical and effective way to reclaim and reuse wastewater. If, rather than a separate greywater system, you've chosen to treat all your wastewater in one process, visit our Residential Solutions page. Or, for commercial systems and communities, see our Engineered Solutions page. We'll show you how AdvanTex can treat both black and greywater to better than advanced standards, suitable for reuse (subject to local regulations).


"Triple Bottom Line" Sustainability Advantages of AdvanTex Treatment

Orenco has always been committed to the long-term performance of its treatment systems. Our engineers know that design integrity and product support matter. 


Excellent Treatment

  • AdvanTex units use natural, biological processes to reduce bacteria.
  • The Orenco UV Disinfection Unit reduces bacteria to safe levels.
  • Systems are monitored and controlled by remote telemetry.


Groundwater Safety

  • Ideal for high water tables, watertight AdvanTex systems keep untreated water from entering groundwater.
  • Untreated wastewater cannot bypass the operating treatment process, even under surge conditions or during power outages.



  • Energy efficiency: recirculation pumps rarely exceed 1 horsepower.  Power usage for treatment is very low. System can be run entirely off-grid.
  • Water conservation: onsite treatment/dispersal allows for subsurface irrigation and re-use applications.


Equipment Longevity

  • Orenco pumps have an expected life of 20-30 years, far longer than most.
  • Our pumps are easily disassembled and feature a repairable liquid end, so full pump replacement is rarely necessary.
  • The textile treatment media doesn't require replacement under normal conditions.


Installation Impacts

  • Modular design of AdvanTex pods allows the designer to right-size treatment capacity.
  • Compact, low-profile filter pods reduce site disturbance and are visually benign.
  • Site impact is limited.



  • Treatment capacity can be constructed in phases as needed.  No need to oversize for future growth that might not happen when expected.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs are minimal, and further reduced by remote monitoring.

What's New

Energy Trust of Oregon Awards first $400 Cash Incentive for Orenco's AdvanTex System

A homeowner living outside of Portland is the first recipient of a $400 check from Energy Trust of Oregon for purchasing an energy-efficient wastewater system: Orenco's AdvanTex Treatment System. The AdvanTex AX20 uses less than $2/month in electricity and the AdvanTex AX-RT uses just $2-3/month. Many other systems use ten to twenty times more, or worse, costing thousands of dollars in unnecessary energy costs over the life of the system. This is the first cash incentive of its kind for a wastewater treatment system in the state of Oregon and, quite possibly, in the entire United States.






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