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Product Catalogs

Need a watertight septic tank? Access risers and lids? Effluent filters or pumping systems? Control panels?

Orenco's 2013 Product Catalogs describe our top-selling products for septic systems.

If you're interested in secondary treatment systems, start by downloading one of our AdvanTex Treatment System brochures from the sidebar. Then call to order a design package.

New Products

The New DuraFiberTM Lid: A Major Technological Advance

Orenco Systems has launched a more damage-resistant septic system lid — one that will resist breakage from lawn-care equipment. “Our new DuraFiberTM Lid is is the strongest and toughest non-traffic-rated lid we’ve ever tested,” says Eric Ball, Orenco’s VP of Product Development.

The DuraFiber Lid is made of resin-infused fiberglass for extreme durability and breaking strengths in excess of 20,000 pounds. You’ll find it fits most ribbed PVC and HDPE riser pipe and weighs only 11 pounds.

The DuraFiber lid’s flat-style flange allows for flush-to-grade installation. Additional installation benefits include a cored centering ring — providing an easily aligned, snug fit — and a urethane gasket to help ensure a watertight seal.

Available in 24-inch and 30-inch diameters, DuraFiber Lids have a non-skid surface with customizable center insert — ideal for your company logo — along with a molded-in “Caution” statement. In addition to the standard green or brown, you can also offer customers three landscape patterns — grass, river rock, and bark — which blend into their surroundings.

For improved safety, the lids are secured with four 5/16" stainless steel flathead screws, and the appropriate hex key is included for your convenience.

For more details, see the DuraFiber Lid Technical Data Sheet.

Installations Made Easy with New Cast-in Tank Adapter

Orenco's new cast-in tank adapter, the PRTA24-2, is the most advanced design available for cast-in riser tank adapters. The advanced design makes the PRTA24-2 easy to work with, from the tank farm to the installation site.

Tank manufacturers who've used the PRTA24-2 are amazed at the time it saves them. Installing the PRTA24-2 correctly is simple and quick. The wide outer flange tells you the PRTA24-2 is set to the right depth every time. And the inner flange locks the PRTA24-2 in place for a strong, watertight connection.

The PRTA24-2 is popular with installers, too. You only need to place one bead of adhesive in the PRTA24-2's adapter channel to get a watertight fit between the adapter and a 24-inch access riser. And you don't need additional adhesive joints. No need to create “the perfect” adhesive fillet on the inside of the riser.

To see how simple it is to install a PRTA24-2,  watch our PRTA24-2 installation video on YouTube. Or you can download our written instructions.

Document Library

Orenco DocumentsOrenco's online document library includes hundreds of product support documents, including instructions, diagrams, drawings, design aids, and handouts. It also includes numerous sales sheets, case studies, and technical papers.

This library gives you convenient, round-the-clock access to many of our most useful documents. These publications can help you understand our technologies or help you design, specify, install, and use our products.

The library provides access to the latest version of any given document, for our standard line of products. Orenco assumes no risk for your use of these documents. If you need documents relating to earlier generation products, variants of standard products, or custom products, please contact your local Orenco distributor or call Orenco at (800) 348-9843.

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