Solutions for Campgrounds

What better way to protect the natural beauty of your favorite camping site than to install a quiet, reliable, and odor-free Orenco treatment system?  We currently protect the water resources for more than 150 campgrounds around the world.

Camp Geronimo, Arizona

In addition to the campgrounds profiled in our Campgrounds and RV Parks case study roundup, here is a sample of additional campground and RV park customers:  

  • Cotton Hill RV Campground, Georgia
  • Pointes West Rec Area, Georgia
  • Grand Canyon KOA, Arizona
  • Crooked Lane Girl Scouts Camp, Ohio
  • Lake Tulloch Campground, California
  • Camp NE-O-TEZ, Missouri
  • Cave Lake Campground, Ohio
  • Camp R-Bar-C Boy Scout Camp, Arizona
  • Camp Namanu, Oregon
  • Camp Red Cloud, Colorado
  • Momorangi Bay, New Zealand
  • Løp Campground, Norway

Design Considerations

Designing a wastewater solution for a campground can pose challenges:

  • variable flows due to weekend and holiday use
  • little to no use during the off season
  • need for reliable performance even with minimal maintenance

Fortunately, AdvanTex Treatment Systems are uniquely capable of dealing with a campground's seasonal closure in a way that ATU's (Aerobic Treatment Units) simply cannot. 

Low Impact Operation

AdvanTex's low horsepower pumps operate intermittently, which means low power bills. In fact, the pumps use such little energy that the whole system can be powered by solar panels.

What's more, AdvanTex operates quietly, so there isn't any noise to disturb campers' experience with the natural surroundings. 


Orenco's engineers have helped design wastewater solutions for more than 150 campgrounds throughout the world. Whether your project is a church camp, commercial campground, or state park, Orenco's Engineered Solutions group is ready to help.