Time and money -- decentralized wastewater technology offers advantages in both.

Smoke Trail Ranch Subdivision

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Improve Your Pro Forma

Decentralized wastewater technology can have a significant positive effect on the pro forma of a new development project.  How?  

Rather than financing the entire system up front as you would with a traditional gravity sewer, effluent sewer collection allows for delaying equipment purchase for each connection until the home is built/sold.  Costs can even be deferred to the home purchaser.  

In an effluent sewer, the wastewater is transported to a common treatment point, so on-lot dispersal is unnecessary.  As a result, homes can be clustered more tightly and more lots can be developed.  The small-diameter, pressurized lines even enable pumping of effluent to a treatment point up to several miles away.

When existing treatment facilities are not available or affordable, an AdvanTex Treatment System can help your development move forward.  The AdvanTex system operates quietly and without odors; residents won't even realize they have a wastewater treatment "plant" in their neighborhood!  They'll just be pleased that they live in a sewered community.