Solutions for Golf Courses and Sport Facilities

Orenco's collection and treatment technologies are great for collecting flows from subdivisions surrounding golf courses and then treating the wastewater to levels that allow it to be re-used for course irrigation.

Golf Clubs using Orenco technology:

  • Aetna Springs Golf Club, California
  • Pole Creek Golf Course, Colorado
  • Glendenning Golf Club, Newfoundland
  • Ashburn Clubhouse, Nova Scotia
  • Roseburg Country Club, Oregon
  • Spanish Peak Golf Club, Montana
  • Coyote Creek Golf Course, California
  • Hunter Lodge - Oak Run, Illinois
  • Clackamas Stonegate Golf, Oregon
  • Mallard Creek Golf Course, Oregon

Versatile Application

AdvanTex filters can be used as free-standing units to service a clubhouse or a remote comfort station on the back nine.  Or they can be part of an effluent sewer system that services the clubhouse plus a thousand surrounding homes, with the super-clean effluent used for irrigation. 

Reuse - A Great Idea

The wastewater from your clubhouse can become a valuable resource: the treated effluent can be used for golf course irrigation and landscaping.  In addition to conserving highly treated, expensive drinking water, wastewater reuse limits the release of nutrient-rich wastewater into environmentally stressed rivers and streams. 

Treated to advanced standards, the clear effluent from an AdvanTex Treatment System can also be reused to make artificial snow at ski resorts.   

Playing by the Rules

An AdvanTex Treatment System can make raw wastewater up to 98% cleaner, meeting stringent regulatory requirements.  The U.S. EPA has guidelines for wastewater reuse, but interpretation of these guidelines varies from state to state.  Our engineers and dealers can help walk you through system design, as well as discuss issues related to regulations, permitting, and monitoring.