Solutions for
Hotels and Resorts

Orenco has provided wastewater solutions for more than 125 hotels, resorts, and lodges around the world. 


Kauri Cliffs
New Zealand

Photo courtesy of Kauri Cliffs

Our Technologies


Textile sheets in AdvanTex filter pods produce clear, high quality effluent. Modular construction allows for phased installation of total treatment capacity.



Orenco designs and manufactures control and monitoring panels for customers all over the world. Our panels are used in water, wastewater, and industrial process applications.


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Low-Impact, Odorless Treatment for Resort and Hotel Properties

Wastewater projects for resorts and hotels have one thing in common – they require a highly effective wastewater treatment system despite variable seasonal flows. Whether the project requires exceptional treatment, odor control, rapid deployment, minimal operation and maintenance, low life-cycle costs, or all of the above, Orenco’s treatment systems are a proven, affordable solution for the hospitality industry.


A huge benefit offered by AdvanTex over other treatment technologies is its reliable performance, even under conditions of highly variable flows. Many resort properties experience extremely low flows during the off-season. Unlike some other technologies, AdvanTex is capable of consistently meeting stringent limits without performance degradation due to these variable flows.


AdvanTex systems provide excellent treatment yet usually go unnoticed by guests. Treatment units blend into their surroundings, operate quietly, require little energy, and produce no noticeable odor.


Whether an existing system needs to be replaced or a new resort project requires a wastewater system, AdvanTex offers solutions to meet any budget. Orenco's technical support staff understand the need to carefully evaluate long-term operating and maintenance costs, as well as upfront capital costs. Low power consumption, equipment durability, and ease of operation and maintenance make AdvanTex Treatment Systems an efficient, budget-conscious choice.


Choosing a wastewater system for resorts and hotels involves many unique considerations. For more than 30 years, Orenco's engineers have helped property owners and system designers overcome these challenges to ensure reliable, low-impact solutions.

A Sample of Resorts Using Orenco Technology:

  • Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand
  • Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Australia
  • Daniels Summit Lodge, U.S.A.
  • St. Constantin Village Hotel and Suites, Greece
  • Vomo Island Resort, Fiji
  • Orchid Bay, Belize