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Orenco has provided wastewater solutions for dozens of hotels, resorts, and lodges.  For year-round usage or just seasonal, an Orenco solution is the right fit for your project.

Anthoussa Beach Hotel
Stalida, Crete, Greece


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System Details

  • Ten AX100 AdvanTex pods
  • UV disinfection
  • Landscape drip irrigation


System Performance

  • 3-10 mg/L BOD5
  • 2-9 mg/L TSS
  • 15-30 COD

Anthoussa Beach Hotel, Stalida, Crete, Greece

Anthoussa Beach Hotel is a resort in Stalida, a seaside town on the island of Crete.  With 450 beds, a pool, private beach, and restaurants and bars, it is one of the finest hotels in the area.


Onsite Dispersal by Irrigation

In 2005, to replace an extended aeration package plant, Dialynas SA designed and installed the resort's wastewater treatment system using eight AdvanTex AX100 textile filter pods for secondary treatment.  Wastewater was collected into a large primary tank.  Then effluent was recirculated through the AdvanTex pods.  After disinfection, the clean water was dispersed by drip irrigation onto hotel property. The modular treatment system was later expanded to ten AX100 units as the hotel also expanded.


No Noise, No Odor

The treatment system is located in front of the hotel, close to the street.  Shops, restaurants, and cafes are located within a few meters of the AX100 units.  Yet because the units did not produce noise nor odors, guests and passers-by have no reason to notice the system.


Satisfied Customers

The owners of the hotel have since installed AdvanTex at other tourist accommodations they own.  In spring of 2012, sewers were extended to the Anthoussa Hotel property and a mandatory sewer fee put in place; consequently, the system was decommissioned at that time.