Solutions for Military Sites

Whether for a permanent site or for a temporary camp, seasonal or year-round usage, Orenco has a solution.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Orenco customer

Fort Gordon, Georgia


  • 60,000 gal (302 m3) primary tankage
  • 20,000 gal (151 m3) recirculation tank
  • Twelve AX100 AdvanTex filter pods


  • Onsite discharge to wetlands

Treatment Requirements

  • 30 mg/L cBOD5
  • 30 mg/L TSS

In late 2008, officers with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were faced with a failed sand filter at the Fort Gordon Pointes West Recreation Area near Augusta, Georgia; a significant factor in the failure was construction using the wrong grade (size) of sand.  

Pointes West experiences highly variable seasonal flows, from around 4,000 gpd (15.1 m3/d) in winter upwards of 50,000 gpd (189 m3/d) during the month of July.  The Corps needed a technology that worked well, even with the wide variation in flows. 

The officers selected an Orenco AdvanTex Treatment System and received the added benefit of being able to install the AX100 units directly on top of the sand filter site. As a result it was not necessary to dispose of the existing sand media. What's more, the AX100 uses an engineered textile as the filter material, eliminating the need to source a particular grade of replacement sand.

The new system is designed to handle an average of 30,000 gpd (113.6 m3/d) and peak flows of 60,000 gpd (227 m3/d).  And the engineers designed the system so that half of the treatment can be taken off-line during the slower winter months, reducing the treatment capacity to 15,000 gpd (56.8 m3/d).  The modular nature of AdvanTex allows the system to be expanded to handle peak flows of 100,000 gpd (378.5 m3/d) in the same space as the original sand filter.

The system was professionally installed by Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS), an experienced installer of AdvanTex Treatment Systems nationwide.  The project went from design to completion in just 120 days from Notice to Proceed, earning IWS an "outstanding" rating from the Army Corps of Engineers for being on time and on budget.

Orenco can also provide a Mobile Wastewater Solution for remote military sites.