Solutions for Mobile Home and RV Parks

Orenco's AdvanTex Treatment Systems are installed on dozens of mobile home parks and caravan/RV parks around the world.

Ponderosa Mobile Home Park
Paradise, California

A sample of parks using Orenco technology:

  • Pine Grove MHP, California
  • Trask Mobile Home Park, Oregon
  • Ponderosa MHP, California
  • Coarsegold MHP, California
  • Sunny Brook RV Resort, Michigan
  • Park Place Mobile Home Park, Missouri
  • Pink Meadow RV Park, Montana
  • Shady Rest RV Park, North Carolina
  • Wavecrest Caravan Park, Ireland

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Mobile home parks and RV parks are ideal applications for Orenco effluent sewer technology and AdvanTex treatment.  Effluent sewer allows the sites to be clustered tightly together, while onsite treatment and dispersal provide for landscape irrigation.  Our systems operate nearly silently, so residents won't be disturbed by loud blowers as you'd find on other packaged systems.

Economic Advantages

Effluent sewer and AdvanTex treatment make good economic sense, especially for park developers looking to purchase lower-cost land located away from existing centralized sewer.  Our technology can be installed quickly, compressing the time from development to rent recovery.  Furthermore, the on-lot portion of the system only needs to be installed as your park expands, meaning capacity is added (and paid for!) only as it is required.

Common Sense Maintenance

Maintenance needs of an effluent sewer system or AdvanTex Treatment are minimal and simple, and with our telemetry TCOM control panels, a maintenance operator can monitor the system remotely.  Also, since each RV or mobile home site will have its own on-lot interceptor tank, any abuses to the system remain in the homeowner's own tank, minimizing detrimental effects to the rest of the system.