Nitrogen Reduction Solutions

Rancho Encantado, New Mexico,
AdvanTex and IWS Upflow Filter,
Total Nitrogen Average 3.1 mg/L.

Ammonia Reduction:  Two-Stage AdvanTex

AdvanTex can be configured in two stages to meet ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) requirements with consistent averages as low as 1 mg/L. The second stage essentially serves as a tertiary polishing stage to further process the already highly-treated effluent wastewater from the first stage.

In general, the two-stage AdvanTex system can meet strict ammonia discharge limits with a minimum of operator input. If necessary, performance can be fine-tuned through process adjustments to optimize the aeration and recirculation ratio. An alkalinity buffering system can be included in the design for systems that have insufficient alkalinity to fully support nitrification for ammonia removal.  

Upon request, we can provide sizing assistance and equations, historical performance data, effects of ambient temperature, and project references. We'd also be happy to work with you to develop a predictive performance proposal for a two-stage AdvanTex solution applied to your next project.


Denitrification:  Carbonaceous Upflow Filter

AdvanTex can be coupled with an upflow filter to meet low Total Nitrogen (TN) requirements (<10 mg/L) for a variety of wastewater applications.  An upflow filter is designed to receive nitrified effluent from an advanced treatment system such as Orenco's AdvanTex AX100; the overall treatment train reduces average TN by over 90% depending on influent characteristics. 

Advantages include:

  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Low capital and life cycle cost
  • Installation at or below grade

Give our engineers a call to discuss how an upflow filter can address Total Nitrogen requirements on your specific project. 

TKN, TN, NH3, or ???

Nitrogen requirements vary greatly depending on jurisdiction. Contact our engineers to discuss which solution might be appropriate for your situation.


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