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Support for Operators

Orenco is not only involved in the design of wastewater systems...we operate several of them too.  We know that smart engineering can avoid major headaches for our fellow operators down the road, so we stand by our commitment to quality design standards and equipment. 

Our state-of-the-art TCOM telemetry controls make your life easier by enabling remote monitoring of the system...you can log onto the panel from your home or office and view an alarm diagnosis to decide whether it's necessary to drive to the site immediately, or make an adjustment remotely and respond as time permits.

As just some of our services, Orenco provides O&M manuals, operator training, and environmental monitoring procedures.  In fact, we even have an Asset Management team that exists to provide technical assistance and product support.  They can provide assistance such as planning for repair and replacement, or budgeting to upgrade a failing sand filter to a lower-maintenance AdvanTex Treatment System. 

Finally, we encourage you to participate in Orenco's online forum so you can share ideas with other operators for efficient operation.

Training Videos

Orenco also provides training videos to help you with routine tasks.

BioTube® Cleaning Video

View this video to see how to clean your Biotube Pump Vault or BioTube Effluent Screen. File is 6.5 MB.


AdvanTex® Sheet-Cleaning Video

View this video to see how to use an Orenco cleaning wand to  clean AdvanTex textile sheets. File is 5.3 MB.


Pump Repair Video

This video shows how to clean and repair a Franklin Pump, which is capable of lasting 20 years without replacement. File is 5.3 MB.



















Operation & Maintenance Documents

Need troubleshooting information on a particular part or system? The documents below can help.