Solutions for Highway
Rest Areas

Remote sites require reliability and minimal maintenance.  Orenco has experience and can help.

Hanging Lake
Glenwood Canyon, Colorado

Bair Ranch (95 KB, PDF)

  • 9,000-gallon (34 m3) septic tank
  • 4,000-gallon (15.1 m3) recirculation tank
  • Twelve AdvanTex AX20 filters
  • UV disinfection


Hanging Lake (98 KB, PDF)

  • 12,000-gallon (45.4 m3) septic tank
  • 5,000-gallon (18.9 m3) recirculation tank
  • Fourteen AdvanTex AX20 filters
  • UV disinfection


Grizzly Creek (89 KB, PDF)

  • 3,000-gallon (11.4 m3) septic tank
  • 15,000-gallon (56.8 m3) septic tank
  • 5,000-gallon (18.9 m3) recirculation tank
  • Twelve AdvanTex AX20 filters
  • UV disinfection

Bair Ranch, Hanging Lake, and Grizzly Creek Rest Areas

The Colorado Department of Transportation wanted to upgrade the facilities at three rest areas in pristine Glenwood Canyon along Interstate 70.  The projects called for replacement of existing composting toilets that had exceeded their design capacity, causing odors that fouled this scenic section along the Colorado River.  Furthermore, management of the composting toilets had become a maintenance headache.

The CDOT decided to install flush toilets and new wastewater treatment systems using Orenco AdvanTex filters with UV disinfection. 

At each site the final effluent is discharged to the Colorado River so reliable performance was essential.  Engineers included cold-weather package features on the AdvanTex Treatment System to address the freezing Colorado winters.

Thanks to the new treatment systems, operation and maintenance of the rest areas were greatly simplified.

SCG Enterprises, Inc provided project sales service and support.  System design was done by Church & Associates.  Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) performed the construction at Hanging Lake and Bair Ranch.