Solutions for Restaurants

Orenco's treatment systems are the perfect choice for restaurants because of their ability to treat high strength waste, provide a high quality odorless effluent, and operate at low cost.

Paradise Cove Beach Café
Malibu, California

Paradise Cove Beach Café

Malibu's Paradise Cove -- the setting for "Gidget," "Beach Blanket Bingo," "Rockford Files," and numerous commercials -- is highly picturesque.  But its wastewater problems were not.  Realizing they needed to upgrade wastewater treatment for their large beachfront restaurant and adjacent mobile home park, Paradise Cove's property owners hired Steve Braband, a local wastewater consultant with BioSolutions, Inc.

Braband and Engineer John Yaroslaski (Ensitu Engineering) began by crafting a solution for the restaurant:  the 300-seat Paradise Cove Beach Café.  The design challenges were daunting: high-strength, variable waste flows along with extreme space constraints.  In addition, the Café was a well-known tourist spot, so the site required a visually elegant solution without odors.

Braband and Yaroslaski narrowed their choices down to two technologies but chose AdvanTex for its treatment performance and low power costs.  Yaroslaski designed a system in which the effluent was pumped 100 feet (30 meters) upwards to the bluff above the restaurant, where ten AX100 textile filter pods provide secondary treatment before dispersal.  Additional tankage was specified to trap grease, and an Orenco remote telemetry monitoring and control system was installed for round-the-clock supervision.