Telemetry Control Panels

Orenco's TCOM controls are the perfect complement to any control scenario.  Easy to use and operate, Orenco telemetry control panels are the number one choice for projects large and small.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Orenco TeleCommTM (TCOM) telemetry panels give wastewater system operators and service providers the ability to remotely monitor and control each individual site's performance, saving money on operation and maintenance while remaining virtually invisible to the end user.  

Originally designed to complement Orenco's AdvanTex and sand filter treatment systems, TCOM is also ideal for controlling lift stations, grinder systems, dispersal systems, and UV disinfection equipment.



TCOM panels are cost-effective, integrated telemetry panels that include digital control, data logging, and remote access and control in real time. They are ideal for stand-alone monitoring and control systems.

TCOM panels include a number of very "smart" features:

  • Communication and alarm management
  • Data collection and logs
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic logic
  • Advanced control logic to adjust system parameters with flow variations


Versatile Communication Options

Our user-friendly interface, TCOM Viewer, simplifies the monitoring and control of your site's panel.  Graphical interfaces and touchscreens are available that can be customized to your specifications, and phone, Internet, or RF communication methods can be accommodated.  Hyperterminal or VT100 are also available.

Alarm notifications can be sent to numeric pagers. Panels can be accessed directly at the site with our Bluetooth Kit (or a null-modem cable) and a laptop, or remotely using a computer with a modem.  TCOM panels can also be integrated into a community SCADA system.

Download a TCOM Technical Data Sheet.


“There’s no doubt that when you buy something from Orenco, it does exactly what Orenco says it will do. I can’t imagine trying to run our wastewater and potable water plants without relying on Orenco’s TCOM™ telemetry panel and their knowledgeable programmers.”

— Brian Boswell, Senior Project Engineer

Orenco Controls

Have needs beyond wastewater controls?  We also do:


  • Irrigation
  • Wells



  • Booster stations
  • Community wells
  • Reservoirs
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fire systems



  • Motor/valve control
  • Alarm systems
  • Energy management
  • VFD's


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