Solutions for Communities

Over the past thirty-five years, Orenco has assisted hundreds of communities with their wastewater problems. Whether it is a complete community solution or a simple expansion of your existing infrastructure, Orenco is prepared to help.

Integrated Community Solutions

Orenco's Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex Treatment provide affordable, long-term wastewater solutions for communities of all sizes, from a handful of homes to several thousand. Life-cycle cost analysis makes our technology a smart decision for any community, especially when compared to gravity sewer and grinder systems. Just ask the mayor of the small town of Bethel Heights, Arkansas, why his town chose Orenco's effluent sewer and AdvanTex.


Septic Tank Abatement

Orenco Effluent Sewers are an ideal solution for communities plagued by aging or failed septic tanks. STEP/STEG collection systems are especially suited to small communities that cannot afford the high upfront installation costs of traditional gravity sewer. Realizing that nearly half of its properties were served by questionable septic systems, the city of Amesville, Ohio, underwent the process of septic tank abatement and now enjoys the benefits of STEG collection followed by Orenco’s AdvanTex treatment.


Connecting To Existing Infrastructure

Effluent sewer (STEP) systems can be easily integrated into existing gravity or grinder collection systems. If an existing municipal plant has available treatment capacity, a community can use STEP collection to pump effluent to the plant, even if it is several miles away. The community of Glenwood, Alabama, uses Orenco STEP collection to pump its effluent seven miles for treatment into neighboring Luverne. Orenco has stringent requirements for watertight septic tanks used in effluent sewer systems, which means far less load on downstream treatment plants.


Expanding Service Areas

For many communities, expanding an existing gravity sewer is simply too costly. Orenco's decentralized wastewater technology can expand a community's service area without incurring excessive debt or environmental disruption. City planners can provide wastewater services where they are needed and maintain the integrity of their land use plans rather than creating sprawl by extending traditional gravity lines. City officials from Lacey, Washington, chose Orenco STEP technology to expand their collection system by nearly 4,000 connections.


Incremental Growth

Effluent Sewer technology benefits communities that want to accommodate current needs and future growth. The modular nature of the system allows capacity to be built only as it is needed. Communities and their taxpayers can avoid the risk of large up-front outlay of capital for capacity that might not be used for years. Effluent sewer can also provide schedule flexibility when bringing on existing homes as part of a septic tank abatement program.


Asset Management

Our asset management consultants help your community ensure the long term integrity of your wastewater system. We offer:

  ~ Operation & maintenance training and manuals
  ~ Planning and budgeting for equipment repair and replacement
  ~ Operational, environmental, and financial performance review
  ~ Technical assistance and product support



Our Technologies

Effluent Sewer

From on-lot interceptor tanks, only filtered liquid is discharged through small-diameter, shallow collection lines to common downstream treatment, whether that is a neighborhood system or a municipal plant miles away.  



Textile sheets in AdvanTex filter pods produce clear, high quality effluent. Modular construction allows for phased installation of total treatment capacity. We also offer AX-Max™, an energy-efficient treatment plant ideal for flows up to 1 MGD.



Orenco control panels are used in water, wastewater, and industrial process applications. We design and manufacture control and monitoring panels for customers all over the world.


Community Case Studies


To discuss your community's wastewater needs, please contact:

Tyler Molatore

(800) 348-9843 ext. 416

Outside the U.S., please contact:

Geoff Salthouse

+1 (541) 459-4449 ext. 209


“We truly appreciate the effort that Orenco has made in doing what they can to reduce our costs and effort. They have taken the time to help us strategize ways to make wastewater service more affordable for our customers and reduce the effort required for maintenance.”

— Terry Cargil, City of Lacey Water and Wastewater Supervisor, Washington