Solutions for
New Development

Orenco's solutions allow the developer to build out incrementally, staging capital expenditure only as necessary to satisfy actual growth demands.

New Development

Orenco's technologies are an excellent option for new development, both for single-family communities and multi-family properties. Developers appreciate the fact that Orenco's Effluent Sewers and AdvanTex Treatment Systems are scalable, so projects can be built out incrementally when needed to meet actual growth demands.



Decentralized wastewater systems offer developers fast, phased implementation, and deferred or delayed costs. Watertight septic tank effluent pumping (STEP) systems also enable development where people most want to live, without restricting them to only those areas where municipal sewer is available.


Master Planned Communities

City and county comprehensive land use plans that focus new development in "activity centers" or "village centers" are more likely to be achieved using community collection systems and advanced wastewater treatment. Central sewer, with its limited access and high cost to the taxpayer for operation and maintenance, does not lend itself to achieving this type of community's planned vision for the future.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers chose AdvanTex to replace a failing treatment system for the Fort Gordon Recreation Area and the surrounding commercial facilities.


Multi-Family Units

The residents of Black Mountain Apartments in Conifer, Colorado, probably wouldn't guess that their wastewater is handled by a decentralized treatment system. An AdvanTex AX100 wastewater treatment system performs quietly within the apartment complex, and an Orenco TCOM telemetry control allows the service operator to effectively monitor the system.




Interested in an estimate? To discuss your development project and how our technology could positively affect your pro forma, please contact:

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Our Technologies

Effluent Sewer

From on-lot interceptor tanks, only filtered liquid is discharged through small-diameter, shallow collection lines to common downstream treatment, whether that is a neighborhood system or a municipal plant miles away.



Textile sheets in AdvanTex filter pods produce clear, high quality effluent.  Modular construction allows for phased installation of total treatment capacity. We also offer AX-Max™, a treatment plant ideal for flows up to 1 MGD.



Orenco control panels are used in water, wastewater, and industrial process applications. We design and manufacture control and monitoring panels for customers all over the world.  


“Managed decentralized wastewater systems . . . merit serious consideration in any evaluation of wastewater management options for small and mid-sized communities and new development.”

— U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Response to Congress on Use of Decentralized Wastewater Systems," April 1997