Solutions for Wineries
Orenco's AdvanTex Treatment System is handling winery crush waste for dozens of winery facilities.  And we have  provided treatment for the bathroom waste stream at several of the sites too!

Jim Ball Winery
Mendocino County, California

Bin to Bottle case study

Design Parameters

  • Design flow: 1500 gpd
  • Peak flow: 2500 gpd
  • Req'd effluent BOD5: 365 mg/L
  • Req'd effluent TSS: 180 mg/L

Primary Treatment

  • Five 5000-gal tanks
  • VBT Aeration
  • pH adjustment
  • Bioaugmentation

Secondary Treatment

  • One 5000-gal recirculation tank
  • Three AdvanTex AX100 pods

Treated Effluent

  • One 1000-gal discharge tank

Bin to Bottle Winery

Bin to Bottle is a wine processing and bottling facility in the heart of Napa Valley, California.  The company's success led to a need for expanded capacity and a new facility.   Because Bin to Bottle provides services for many different vineyard clients, they have longer crush and bottling periods than a single winery would (three months in fall for crush and three months in winter for bottling).   

The associated wastewater treatment system needed to handle a huge flux in flow throughout the season as well as quick capacity increases.  During the peak seasons, the facility needed the system to treat 2,000 gallons per day (7.6 m3/d) of high-strength process waste.  

After evaluating their options, Bin to Bottle finally settled on an Orenco's AdvanTex filters for final treatment.  Training was provided to the facility manager and crew to help operate the system.

Design Considerations for Wineries

General issues that need to be addressed in system design include:
  1. Flow equalization
  2. Waste strength and permit requirements
  3. Seasonal loading
  4. Shut-down and start-up periods
  5. Solids removal
  6. pH neutralization
  7. Operation and maintenance

Orenco's white paper on wastewater design for wineries can help you get started.  Please contact our engineers to request a copy and as well as further design assistance.