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Pollution Equipment News, December 2011: "Case Study: Creating a Scalable Wastewater Solution with Minimal Costs"

"Problem: The Community of Victoria, PEI needed to replace its antiquated, failing septic systems with a cost-effective solution suited to the unique requirements of its location. In order to accommodate development, the treatment system had to be scalable to allow for the highly-variable daily flows customary with a summer vacation destination.

"Solution: Victoria chose an Orenco Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex AX100 Treatment System because of the system's outstanding treatment and low operating and lifetime costs. The system is scalable; it is capable of treating flows of up to 95,000 Lpd (25,000 gpd) during the tourist season, with peaks of over 180,000 Lpd (50,000 gpd)."

WaterWorld, November 2011: "Wastewater Treatment"

"Orenco Systems recently won the Water Environment Federation's prestigious Innovative Technology Award for the nutrient-removal configuration of its AdvanTex Treatment System. The wastewater treatment system is ideal for unsewered communities or commercial properties."(Click on the November 2011 issue, then select "New Products")

EcoCenter Blog, October 31, 2011: "Samples Taken for the Beginning of Wastewater Treatment Testing"

"It’s Halloween at the EcoCenter, and the first-year sampling and testing of effluent from the EcoCenter’s on-site wastewater treatment system has begun.  SF Water technicians are shown drawing a sample from one of the treatment tanks.

"SF PUC staff hope to use their experience at the EcoCenter to compare the results with that of the larger planned on-site wastewater treatment facility to be installed in the SFPUC’s new headquarters downtown."

"(Click on the November 2011 issue, then select "New Products")

Onsite Installer, October 2011: "Sand, Surf and Septage"

"Onsite systems at 16 beaches on Santa Monica Bay, Calif., had exceeded their useful lives. Most were at risk of overflows and required pumping every two weeks, as sand blowing in through corroded cast-iron lids filled them three-quarters full.

" ... The Los Angeles County capital fund enabled the Public Works Water Resources Division to replace the onsite systems with advanced treatment units. Because ammonia in effluent could affect marine life, the board issued additional waste discharge limits for nitrogen and bacteria.

"Public Works project manager Alex Villarama, P.E., selected AdvanTex AX-MAX modules for their ability to meet stringent regulatory requirements. Zach Adams of JS Innovative Systems in Malibu won the bid. The installations were the first of their kind in southern California."

Onsite Installer, October 2011: "System Repair/Drainfield Rejuvenation: Solution for Military Recreation Area"

"Problem: The wrong grade of sand in the onsite system at the Pointes West Recreational Area in Appling, Ga., caused the sand filter to fail. Attached to the Fort Gordon military base, the site includes cabins, campsites, boating facilities, and a motel for military personnel. Wastewater flows range from 4,000 gpd in winter to almost 50,000 gpd in summer. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers needed a replacement technology that handled such variations while treating wastewater to 30 mg/l BOD and TSS.

"Solution: The officers selected AdvanTex AX100 textile treatment modules from Orenco Systems Inc. Integrated Water Services installed a dozen 5,000 gpd pre-engineered units on top of the sand filter. The textile media provides a surface for microbial attachment, producing immediate filtration of TSS and BOD reduction.

The compact design of the 16- by 8- by 3.5-foot modules expedites installation and minimizes disruption. The system, with peak flows of 60,000 gpd, has telemetry monitoring and draws 3 kWh/1,000 gallons. During winter, half the system is taken offline. The system can be expanded to 100,000 gpd within the original sand filter."

Plumbing Engineer, August 2011: "Beyond Greywater: On-Site Wastewater Treatment at Emerald Bay"

"With the explosion of LEED and the advent of green building codes, greywater treatment has become more common in plumbing design. Many homeowners and building operators are excited about the idea of saving water. The effort to separate sewer flows and the expense of the equipment often is not considered as they head down the design path and into construction. They are dismayed when they find out that the only use for greywater is as below grade drip irrigation and that, in order for it to be used for toilet re-flush or cooling tower makeup, it must be treated to a higher standard. The cost of 'going green' suddenly becomes too much, and our most precious resource is flushed down the drain.

"The Western Los Angeles County Council of the Boy Scouts of America took a different path. Faced with water costs exceeding four cents per gallon at Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island, they had to find a way to reuse every precious drop. They contacted wastewater treatment expert Steve Braband of BioSolutions Inc., who began outlining a program for onsite wastewater treatment."

Onsite Installer, April 2011: "Aerobic Treatment Units: Packed-Bed Filter Replaces Failing Sand Filter"

"Problem: The The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had to replace a failing 6,000 gpd sand filter at a recreational day-use facility in Sutton Lake, W.Va., before the summer season. The new system had to start up immediately, meet NPDES permit requirements of 30 mg/l BOD5 and TSS, and discharge directly into the lake.

"Solution: The Corps chose the AdvanTex AX100 commercial treatment system from Orenco Systems. Workers installed three 5,000 gpd pre-engineered modules on top of the sand filter. The compact design of the 16- by 8- by 3.5-foot units expedited installation, minimized disruption, and reduced the overall footprint. The modules have telemetry monitoring and draw 3 kWh/1,000 gallons."

Onsite Informer, Winter 2010-2011: "Managing and Troubleshooting Advanced Onsite Systems: Git 'er Done!"

"Regular and proactive servicing of onsite wastewater treatment systems optimizes the treatment process and reduces operation and maintenance costs. Service providers need to have a solid understanding of the system's configuration, components and component functions; treatment processes; performance expectations at each stage in the treatment process; routine maintenance procedures; performance indicators (including, but not limited to, effluent sampling); and troubleshooting strategies.

"In addition, maintenance of recirculating systems requires an understanding of the performance impacts of recirculation ratios, dosing, and mass balancing. And maintenance of nitrogen-reducing systems requires an understanding of the delicate relationships between alkalinity, ammonia, nitrate, BOD5, dissolved oxygen, pH, fats, and oils, etc. Ultimately, in order to "git 'er done," service providers must become alert to in-field indicators (effects) and skilled in -- and committed to -- discovering their cause."


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Awards and Recognition






  • SHARP Program Completion Award: Orenco recently completed OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), a five-year certification program for companies that are committed to ensuring a safe workplace for their employees.







  • Best Performing Technology, Maryland Department of the Environment, AdvanTex Treatment Systems
  • First Approved Nitrogen-Reducing 
    On-lot System, Verified by NSF, Pennsylvania Technology Verification Program, AdvanTex Treatment Systems
  • ACEC Diamond Award East Salem, Pennsylvania, AdvanTex Treatment System2008
  • World's Best Environmental Development, EcoVillage at Currumbin, Australia, Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex Treatment System
  • Qualified, Green Building Council's LEED Silver Rating, Esther's Island Retreat, Nantucket, Massachusetts, AdvanTex Treatment Systems



  • First Effluent Sewer System in Ireland, Kiltillane, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, Orenco Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex Treatment System



  • First Effluent Sewer System in Alberta, Habitat Acres, AB, Canada, Orenco Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex Treatment System
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Detroit, Illinois, AdvanTex Treatment System
  • One of Portland Business Journal's "100 Fastest-Growing Companies in Oregon"



  • Selected for NDWRCDP Case Studies, Decentralized Wastewater Systems, Mobile, Alabama, Including Orenco Effluent Sewers and AdvanTex Treatment Systems
  • GBC's First LEED Platinum-Rated Building, Audubon Education Center, Los Angeles, California, AdvanTex Treatment System



  • AIA's "Top 10 Green Buildings 2002,"Island wood Environmental Learning Center, Bainbridge Island, Washington, AdvanTex Treatment System
  • Nova Scotia's Municipal InNOVA Award, Little Dover, Nova Scotia, Orenco Effluent Sewer System



  • Vermont Engineering's Grand Award, Warren Elementary School, Warren, Vermont, AdvanTex Treatment System



  • Statewide Demonstration Project, Alternative Wastewater Systems in Illinois, New Minden, Illinois, Orenco Effluent Sewer System