Onsite Informer, Winter 2013/2014, pg. 18: "Effluent Sewers Sustainably Accommodate Growing Communities" (download here)

"Many rural communities that use septic systems have outgrown that technology. Some are experiencing widespread failure of aging systems. Others are growing, but their soil conditions won’t accommodate additional septic systems. Larger communities want to grow, but their existing sewer systems can’t accommodate new connections. In all these cases, neither conventional septic systems, nor gravity sewer systems, are feasible.

"Effluent sewers are a proven and sustainable solution for decentralized and rural wastewater collection across Canada, and in many other countries. Not only can effluent sewers serve rural areas, but they are also a cost-effective way to serve fringe development, just outside towns that do not want to expand their conventional sewer system."

Onsite Installer, December 2013: "Keeping the Forest and the Trees"

"In the rolling hills of Sonoma County, north of San Francisco and in California’s wine country, Shear Builders Inc. put in a new wastewater system to handle effluent from a youth camp.

" ... Camp Newman ... abandoned a package plant and effluent spray field on its property and hired engineers Pete Lescure, of Lescure Engineers in Santa Rosa, Calif., to design a modern system that would meet the needs of the facility."

Gas, Oil, and Mining Contractor, July 2013: "Treating the Boom"

"New housing facilities are needed in the Bakken to support the workers and their families who are moving here from all over the country. Unless they are within city or town boundaries, a developer’s only options for wastewater servicing are limited to holding tanks or onsite treatment and disposal ... As a result, onsite treatment and disposal is the only viable option for most new developments outside the boundaries of regional infrastructure ...

" ... Onsite wastewater treatment starts with collection. The Lukenbill treatment system utilizes an Orenco Septic Tank Effluent Pumping System (STEP) designed by KLJ Engineering that includes septic tanks located on each lot for primary treatment and solids settling. Pumps and filters are incorporated within each tank and liquid wastewater is pumped to 4-inch mainlines in the road and eventually to the treatment site. Secondary treatment is provided via Orenco’s AX-MAX technology."

Industrial WaterWorld, May/June 2013: "Mine's Movable Wastewater System Helps Reduce Life-Cycle Costs"

" ... In 2010, Castle Resources, a Toronto-based junior mineral development company, became interested in the Granduc Copper Mine and has since discovered substantial copper mineralization beneath the original workings. The company acquired the mine with the goal of restoring it to working order ...

" ... The tunnel work camp was in need of a portable and completely self-contained wastewater treatment system. Moreover, because of the camp's environmentally sensitive location and limited accessibility, there were a number of additional requirements: effluent discharge targets of 30/30 mg/L BOD5 and TSS, easy installation, easy maintenance, energy efficiency, and a turnkey operation.

"Castle Resources retained Eerik Lilles, P.Eng., owner of a British Columbia wastewater company, Wildernest Systems Inc., to propose a solution. Lilles, in turn, contacted Tristian Bounds, P.E., at Orenco Systems, an Oregon company specializing in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient wastewater treatment systems. Together, they determined that one of Orenco's AdvanTex Treatment Systems -- the AX-Mobile -- could meet all of Castle's requirements."

Water Canada, May/June 2013: "Connected in the Country"

"Albertans might support the XL Pipeline as a means to move one resource out of the province, but at the same time, there’s a struggle to protect and sustain another resource—water—within provincial borders. Groundwater supplies are now a key consideration in the approval process for all new subdivisions in the province. In order to move forward, developers must prove that their projects will not deplete local groundwater aquifers or contaminate the local environment with untreated wastewater.

"One solution to both issues is to design and install large on-site community wastewater systems, which recycle the treated effluent and put it back in the local hydrologic cycle ... Because these systems are designed and presented as part of the initial development plan, this approach puts water use and the wastewater treatment process in the forefront of development planning and raises awareness about sustainable water management with regulators, developers, and future homeowners."

Composites Manufacturing, May/June 2013: "Turning the Tables on the Rec Market"

" ... Orenco is best known for wastewater products. However, one innovation led to another and Orenco will introduce its unique fiberglass table tennis tables later this year."

Composites Manufacturing, May/June 2013: "Three Benches"

"Orenco supplied a tennis club in Roseburg, Oregon, with three custom FiberGraphicTM sports benches ... "

Water Environment & Technology, May 2013: "Hard Data on Effluent Sewer O&M Costs"

" ... STEP sewer systems are not new. They were first installed in the early 1970s, and the technology has been optimized during the past 4 decades. Consequently, many members of the engineering community now acknowledge that decentralized sewer systems typically are less expensive to purchase and install than conventional gravity sewer systems — but many still are unaware that decentralized sewers also are less expensive to operate and maintain.

"Engineering proposals often overestimate STEP sewer O&M costs by a factor of 2 or more while greatly underestimating O&M costs for gravity sewers. According to the 2004 report Replacing and Securing Water Utility Infrastructure by the National Regulatory Research Institute (Silver Spring, Md.), gravity sewer O&M costs can approach $328/m ($100/ft) or more. The bottom line is that many engineers and communities lack accurate life-cycle costs with which to make decisions."

Pumps & Systems, May 2013: "Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Finds a Home at Hobbiton"

"When director Peter Jackson went searching for Hobbiton for his Lord of the Rings trilogy, wastewater treatment was probably the farthest thing from his mind. He discovered Tolkien’s picturesque world in the rolling hills of a sheep farm in an isolated corner of New Zealand. When the movie set became a tourist attraction with a new pub, a recirculating textile filter was cast in the role of lead wastewater system.

"... An alternative wastewater system that could accommodate the increasing number of tourists expected to visit after the release of Jackson’s latest film was needed. A New Zealand distributor [of Orenco products] was contacted by Alistair Osmond, the project engineer, to provide a treatment system (installed in November of 2012) to fit the special needs of Hobbiton’s off-grid, sewer-less environment."

Onsite Installer, April 2013: "Septic Adjustments Needed to Expand Rental Property"

"A property owner in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, wanted to expand his existing three-bedroom waterfront rental property. The county health department's guidelines required adding a 50 percent reserve to the drainfield's capacity before renovation could be approved ... A wastewater system upgrade was designed using an Orenco AdvanTex AX-25RT treatment system. The system features a small footprint, large reserve capacity, and the ability to meet permit limits of BOD/TSS 10/10 mg/L."

World Water, March/April 2013: "Wastewater Treatment Goes Off the Grid"

"For architects and engineers who are redesigning facilities that are off-the-grid – by necessity or by choice, finding a wastewater treatment system (WWTS) that can meet power, geographic, financial, and performance requirements can be a real challenge. In four recent wastewater projects, Orenco Systems’ energy-efficient AdvanTex Treatment System met those conditions. Each wastewater treatment project is powered by wind or solar and produces clear effluent of such high quality that it can be recycled for beneficial uses."

Rural Builder, February 2013: "Top Products of 2012 for Rural Builders"

" ... AdvanTex systems from Orenco use recirculating media filters to produce clear, odorless effluent with outstanding nutrient-reduction, suitable for subsurface irrigation or surface discharge after disinfection (where regulations permit). The award-winning AdvanTex product line includes the AX20, AX100 and now the AX-Max and AX-Mobile. AdvanTex AX20s are ideal for residential applications. The AdvanTex AX100 is engineered for communities, subdivisions, commercial flows and residential clusters. The AX-Max is ideal for larger commercial/municipal systems. Using less than 2 kWh per 1,000 gallons treated, it is LEED eligible, as is all the AdvanTex line. Orenco’s new AX-Mobile unit is designed specifically for installation in remote locations or in temporary situations, such as construction sites."

Control Panel Products

Water System Operator, July 2013: "SCADA-Enabled Control Panel (TCOM)"

Onsite Installer, July 2013: "Pump System Control Panel (4-in-1 Controller)"

Water System Operator, July 2013: "Control Panel (OLS Series)"


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  • Best Performing Technology, Maryland Department of the Environment, AdvanTex Treatment Systems
  • First Approved Nitrogen-Reducing 
    On-lot System, Verified by NSF, Pennsylvania Technology Verification Program, AdvanTex Treatment Systems
  • ACEC Diamond Award East Salem, Pennsylvania, AdvanTex Treatment System


  • World's Best Environmental Development, EcoVillage at Currumbin, Australia, Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex Treatment System
  • Qualified, Green Building Council's LEED Silver Rating, Esther's Island Retreat, Nantucket, Massachusetts, AdvanTex Treatment Systems



  • First Effluent Sewer System in Ireland, Kiltillane, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, Orenco Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex Treatment System



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  • Selected for NDWRCDP Case Studies, Decentralized Wastewater Systems, Mobile, Alabama, Including Orenco Effluent Sewers and AdvanTex Treatment Systems
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  • AIA's "Top 10 Green Buildings 2002,"Island wood Environmental Learning Center, Bainbridge Island, Washington, AdvanTex Treatment System
  • Nova Scotia's Municipal InNOVA Award, Little Dover, Nova Scotia, Orenco Effluent Sewer System



  • Vermont Engineering's Grand Award, Warren Elementary School, Warren, Vermont, AdvanTex Treatment System



  • Statewide Demonstration Project, Alternative Wastewater Systems in Illinois, New Minden, Illinois, Orenco Effluent Sewer System