AdvanTex AX20-RT by Orenco

AdvanTex AX-RT

The latest addition to Orenco’s family of high-performing advanced treatment systems. Same low power costs. Same reuse-quality effluent. But completely prepackaged, so easy to install.

AX20-RT InstallationAdvanTex AX-RT for Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Orenco’s AdvanTex AX-RT is a completely pre-packaged, “plug & play” AX20 wastewater treatment system. All interior components are assembled and adjusted at the factory, so customers save on installation costs. There are fewer working parts, so customers save on equipment costs. And the RT can be shallowly buried, so customers save on excavation costs.

Where to Use the AX-RT

  • Sites where an old system has failed but the existing septic tank is still usable
  • Small sites and those requiring shallow excavations

Clear, Odorless, Reusable Effluent

The AX-RT produces the same reuse-quality effluent produced by all AdvanTex systems: BOD and TSS of 10 mg/L or less. (In fact, it has been approved by NSF as an AX20-equivalent.) So the treated effluent can be re-used for subsurface irrigation. A responsible, green solution to household water and wastewater needs!

How It Works

The AX-RT combines the recirc, treatment, and discharge modules of a standard AX20 system into a single, shallowly buried unit. A model that incorporates UV disinfection is also available.

AdvanTex AX-RT Functional Parts Diagram

Raw sewage enters the septic tank through its inlet tee. In the septic tank, the raw sewage separates into three distinct zones -- a scum layer, a sludge layer, and a clear layer. Effluent from the clear layer passes through a Biotube® effluent filter and is discharged by gravity to the recirculation treatment tank portion of the AX-RT unit, which contains a Biotube Pump Package.

The recirculation pump is timer controlled to ensure that small, intermittent doses (micro-doses) of effluent are applied to the textile sheets throughout the day. This ensures an aerobic, unsaturated environment for optimal treatment to occur. Effluent is sprayed over the textile sheets. The effluent then percolates down through the textile sheets and is distributed between the recirculation and discharge chambers by means of the AX-RT baffle. Periodically, a pump in the discharge chamber doses effluent to the dispersal system.

Peace of Mind with VeriComm

The VeriComm Monitoring System provides peace of mind to homeowners. Once a month, the system automatically uploads data that the service provider can use to verify that the system is working properly. In the event of an alarm, the service provider can often diagnose the problem remotely and can adjust the panel's programming to correct the problem.


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"One of the great benefits of VCOM [the VeriComm monitoring system] is when people are discharging more water than they should be. We have been struggling with water softeners and iron filters. One home has been discharging over 1000 gallons a day due to high regeneration settings. VCOM allows us to catch that and correct the issue."

-- Minnesota Operator