AdvanTex® Treatment Systems

Orenco’s AdvanTex® Treatment Systems are the ideal solution for environmentally sustainable treatment of residential wastewater flows.

AdvanTex® AX20 Treatment Systems

Outstanding Residential Wastewater Treatment

Orenco's AdvanTex® Treatment Systems provide environmentally sustainable treatment of residential wastewater flows. They are the ideal solution for difficult soils, small sites, system upgrades and repairs, new installations, pretreatment, nitrogen reduction, and disinfection.

Unlike other onsite wastewater treatment technologies, AdvanTex provides consistent, reliable advanced treatment under real-world conditions. Other systems work OK in a controlled testing environment, but don't hold up to normal household use. AdvanTex does. One reason is that AdvanTex Treatment Systems process and discharge small amounts of treated wastewater throughout the day, so surges don't overwhelm your system. The treated effluent is so clean it can be reused for subsurface irrigation where regulations allow, or discharged to shallow, inconspicuous trenches.

Fits Small Yards

AdvanTex AX20 Treatment Systems require very little space. The AX20 filter unit is 7.5 ft x 3 ft x 2.5 ft (2286 mm x 914 mm x 762 mm), small enough to fit under a deck or on top of the processing tank. And some jurisdictions allow a reduction in drainfield area with AdvanTex. So AdvanTex is ideal for small sites or for homeowners who simply want more use of their yard.

Low Energy Cost, Low Lifetime Cost

AdvanTex Treatment Systems may cost a little more up front than other advanced treatment systems, but, thanks to low maintenance requirements, they cost much, much less over time. Power for an AX20 costs about $2/month, while other systems cost 20 times more. In addition, pumping costs and equipment replacement costs are a fraction of those for other technologies. Plus, the AdvanTex system protects your drainfield, not to mention public health and the environment.

Peace of Mind with VeriComm

AdvanTex systems are frequently installed with a VeriComm Monitoring System, which provides peace of mind to homeowners. Once a month, the system automatically uploads data that the service provider can use to verify that the system is working properly. In the event of an alarm, the service provider can often diagnose the problem remotely and adjust the panel's programming to correct the problem.


"When the time came to review the new AdvanTex packed bed treatment system, I was most impressed. After the product had been officially introduced into Washington State, I immediately began using it in designs and have never been disappointed .... AdvanTex is the one technology that truly 'does the numbers' far more efficiently, effectively, and economically than any other treatment system that I know of here in Washington State."

—Washington Engineer



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