Textile Filter Technology

Orenco's AdvanTex textile filter technology overcomes the disadvantages of other filter media.

Textile Filter Technology Proven AdvanTex Technology

Our AdvanTex® Treatment Systems are based on media filter technology, a reliable, proven method for onsite secondary treatment of wastewater. In fact, in the 1980s, Orenco's engineers pioneered the use of the modern sand filter. But instead of using sand as the filtering media, the AdvanTex product line uses a synthetic textile, which has five times more surface area than the same volume of sand. That's why, with textile filters, you can treat the same amount of wastewater in a fraction of the space that a sand filter requires. And textile doesn't plug like foam filters or have to be replaced every few years, like peat filters.

In an AdvanTex system, effluent trickles through and between the textile sheets. In this moist, oxygen-rich (aerobic) environment, naturally occurring microorganisms remove impurities from the effluent.

After recirculating several times, the effluent is dosed to the dispersal area. The effluent is so clean (typically 10 mg/L BOD5 and TSS, depending on the loading rate) that it can be used for drip or subsurface irrigation or discharged to shallow, inconspicuous trenches. Reductions in drainfield size are often permitted with AdvanTex Treatment Systems. And the AdvanTex system can't spill solids into the drainfield or irrigation system.

Meets Nitrogen Reduction Standards

The AdvanTex Treatment System is a recirculating process. If local conditions require it, recirculation can be configured to favor maximum nitrogen reduction.

A Sustainable Technology

Unlike aerobic treatment units (ATUs) that constantly pump air through the effluent in the "activated sludge" process, the AdvanTex Treatment System has a pump that runs only a few minutes a day, using just a dollar or two in electricity each month. And unlike activated-sludge ATUs, AdvanTex systems don't generate extra sludge during the secondary treatment process. In normal household use, most tanks go 8-10 years between pumpings. Low energy use and low sludge generation have made AdvanTex a wastewater treatment technology of choice for developers and homeowners committed to sustainable building.

More than 20,000 AdvanTex filter units have been installed in the United States, Canada, and around the world, on all sorts of sites: single-family homes, commercial properties, community systems, and government-funded and monitored testing sites.


AX Performance Summary (General Reduction)- BOD5, TSS, FC (157KB)
AX Performance Summary (Nutrient Reduction)-TN, NH3, TP (149KB)


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