ProPak™ Pump Package

More than 175,000 of Orenco's filtering pump vaults and packages are in service all over the world. Durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and easily serviceable, they are the original pump vault specifically engineered for wastewater ... and still the best.

ProPak™ Pump Packages from Orenco Systems are a proven, cost effective solution for transporting effluent in an onsite septic system. They are used in single-tank systems with either one or two compartments.

Using patented* Biotube filter technology,  ProPak™ Pump Packages filter out solids so that only liquid from the "clear zone" between the tank's scum and sludge layers is pumped. This reduces biological loading and clogging of downstream components, extending drainfield life. All systems are pre-assembled with corrosion resistant, durable components, ensuring reliability.

The ProPak Pump Package consists of the following items:

To complete the system, Orenco also offers:


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