Pumping Systems

Effluent Pumping Packages from Orenco Systems are a proven, cost-effective solution for transporting effluent in a septic system. All include the patented Biotube filtering pump vault. More than 175,000 of Orenco's filtering pump vaults are in use all over the world.

Pumping Systems

In a pumping system, effluent is pumped from the septic tank to the drainfield or to an additional treatment unit. This allows the drainfield or additional units to be uphill from the tank. 

The heart of the system is the filtering pump vault. Thirty years ago, Orenco pioneered and packaged the modern filtering pump vault for onsite wastewater collection and treatment. Today, more than 175,000 of Orenco's filtering pump vaults are in service all over the world. 

Orenco's pump vaults include a patented Biotube filter that filters out solids so that only liquid from the tank's "clear zone" (between the tank's scum and sludge layers) is pumped. Our filter has several times the capacity of other filters and removes about two-thirds of suspended solids. This reduces clogging of drainfields or other downstream components — and extends their life.

ProPak® and EasyPak pump packages work for most residential onsite applications. All components are designed to work together, simplifying installation and long-term maintenance. Constructed of stainless steel, thermoplastics, and fiberglass, they’re corrosion-resistant and durable, reducing lifetime system costs. They also include a control panel that delivers effluent to the drainfield or additional treatment unit in small, even doses all day, improving system performance.

ProPak or EasyPak?

ProPak is used in single-tank residential systems. EasyPak is used in systems with an additional pump tank:


ProPak Pump Package

The ProPak Pump Package is designed for use in a single-tank system with either one or two compartments. Eliminating the second tank makes treatment systems more compact and more economical. Each pump vault houses either one (simplex) or two (duplex) turbine effluent pumps, discharge assemblies, a Biotube filter cartridge, a float switch assembly, and a float stem bracket. Float switches or programmable timers control the pump as it doses incremental volumes of effluent from the tank. Learn more


ProPak Pump Package


EasyPak Pump Package

Orenco's  EasyPak Pump Package is the onsite industry's first low-profile pump package specifically designed for use in a pump tank that follows a septic tank. EasyPak was developed to replace makeshift "pump on a block" set-ups with a complete, ready-to-install and easy-to-maintain package.

In other systems, heavy low-head pumps are set precariously on an unscreened concrete block. This makes servicing almost impossible. And because the effluent is not filtered, particles can pass through the pump to the drainfield, placing it at significant risk of premature failure. With EasyPak, a lightweight, high-performing turbine pump is surrounded by Biotube filter cartridges. This set-up is easy to service and eliminates the risk of solids being pumped to the drainfield. It also allows pumping to nearly the bottom of the tank. Learn more