Gravity Systems

On many sites, effluent can be conveyed via gravity to the dispersal area, with no pumping required.

Gravity Systems

In a gravity system, as wastewater enters the septic tank, it pushes effluent out the other end, through a network of pipes, to the drainfield. This is gravity flow to the drainfield, and no pump is needed. 

The heart of a gravity septic system is the septic tank, because a good-quality tank can remove two-thirds or more of the wastewater contaminants. A good-quality tank is properly sized, watertight, and structurally sound. Leaking tanks pollute your yard and the groundwater. They also allow groundwater to flow into your tank, overloading your drainfield and shortening its life.

In addition, your septic tank needs to have access risers to-grade, equipped with durable, bolted lids. These risers and lids give service providers access to your tank (without having to dig it up), so they can check the sludge and scum levels inside it. Then they can pump your tank, when the levels get too high.

Your tank also needs to be equipped with an effluent filter so that large particles are removed from the wastewater, before it flows to your drainfield. This will also protect your investment in your drainfield and extend its life.

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