Flow Inducer Towers (FIT)
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Flow Inducer Towers (FIT)

Flow Inducer Towers manufactured by Orenco are used to house two to five Orenco high-head effluent pumps in recirculation tanks or final discharge tanks, following filtration or secondary treatment, in commercial and municipal wastewater systems. For tanks with curved bottoms, an Orenco vault basin is required to create a flat surface on which the flow inducer tower can rest. Flow inducer towers include a float bracket for attaching an Orenco float switch assembly (ordered separately).

  • Fiberglass structural plates and tower base
  • PVC flow inducer tubes and float bracket
  • Schedule 80 PVC support pipes
  • Models available to house two, three, four, or five 4in (100mm) high-head effluent pumps
  • Recirculation or discharge tank models available
  • Eight inlet holes per flow inducer tube
  • 2in (50mm) inlet hole diameter
  • 19¼in (483mm) inlet hole height for recirculation tank models
  • 9in (229mm) inlet hole height for discharge tank models
  • Includes float bracket