Internal Splice Boxes
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Internal Splice Boxes

Orenco Internal Splice Boxes are installed inside of access risers to house spliced wire connections between an electrical control panel and equipment like effluent pumps and float switches. Orenco Internal Splice Boxes come standard with one to six watertight cord grips. Waterproof wire nuts, a neoprene sealing gasket, and four stainless steel lid screws are included.

  • Conforms to UL 514C, CSA C22.2 No. 85 1968
  • Type 4X (IP66) rated
  • Neoprene sealing gasket included
  • Stainless steel lid screws included
  • Waterproof wire nuts included
  • One to six 1/2in (13mm) cord grips, standard
  • Cord grips available for 3/4in (19mm) AWG cord and CE-rated 1.5 × 3 flat cable
  • Standard conduit coupling length of 1 5/8in (41mm) for PVC risers
  • Conduit coupling length of 3 1/4in (82mm) for concrete risers