PSC-Series Biotube Effluent Filters
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PSC-Series Biotube® Effluent Filters

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PSC-Series Biotube Effluent Filters

Orenco’s patent-pending PSC-Series Biotube Effluent Filters remove about two-thirds of suspended solids from effluent, helping extend drainfield life. They're used in onsite dispersal systems and to help downstream treatment in liquid-only sewers. These filters install on Schedule 40 or Type 3034 outlet pipe in the septic tank.

  • 6.63in (168mm) nominal filter diameter
  • 22.7in (577mm) overall height, standard
  • 1/8in (3mm) or 1/16in (1.5mm) filter mesh available
  • Corrosion-proof construction
  • 3/4in (19mm) diameter tee handle included
  • Extendable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional float switch bracket for high-level alarm assembly (high-level alarm assembly ordered separately)
  • Passively self-cleaning design allows for longer time between cleanings
  • Limited warranty