PVP-PVPM-Series Pump Vaults
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PVP- & PVPM-Series Pump Vaults

Orenco PVP- and PVPM-Series Biotube® Pump Vaults feature a unique, patent-pending, passively self-cleaning vault designed to extend cleaning intervals, along with a Biotube effluent filter cartridge that’s removable for maintenance and cleaning without removing the pump(s). Both types of pump vaults (PVP for standard tanks and PVPM for Orenco’s M-Series tanks) incorporate a molded-in flow inducer that houses one or two Orenco high-head effluent pumps. Effluent from a septic tank or dosing tank enters through the inlet port and flows through the Biotube filter cartridge before reaching the vault’s flow inducer. The filter cartridge removes up to two-thirds of suspended solids from wastewater effluent in onsite wastewater systems and liquid-only (effluent) sewers.

  • Unique, passively self-cleaning vault design
  • Durable, one-piece molded polyethylene vault construction
  • Easily removable effluent filter cartridge
  • Integral ball valve for easy vault draining and removal
  • Accepts one or two 4in (100mm) high-head effluent pumps
  • Provides 14ft2 (1.3m2) filter surface area
  • PVP height is 60in (1524mm)
  • PVP fits 22in (559mm) minimum diameter tank openings and nominal 24in (600mm) minimum diameter risers
  • PVPM models available in 52in (1320mm) and 65in (1651mm) heights for Orenco M1000 and M1500 tanks