Riser Tank Adapters
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Riser Tank Adapters (PRTA, PRTA24, FRTA, RRFTA)

Orenco Riser Tank Adapters provide a structural, watertight method of installing an access riser over a tank opening. Depending on the adapter model, it can be cast into the top of a concrete tank, bonded to a tank with adhesive, or mechanically fastened to a tank with an adapter bolt-down kit.

  • Watertight installation
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant materials
  • Bolt-down kits available for applicable models


Step 1: Determine the tank access riser diameter.

Step 2: Determine the tank access type and shape: either round, square, or grooved.

Step 3: Refer to Tank Adapter Sizing Chart (below) to match the tank access diameter and shape.

Note: Adapters fit standard commercially available PVC ribbed pipe and Orenco fiberglass pipe.

Riser tank Adapters